Rs 1,500.00

Magic Wallet (INR 1500.00)

Magic Wallet is a Magical Wallet for you,it easily solve your

Any one of Your Present Financial Problems:
1. Financially Not Good
2. Low Income Heavy Debts
3. Lost Job Financial Crisis
4. Heavy Debts
5. Unable to Save Money
6. Losing Money Day by Day

Any one of Your Present Other Problems:
1. Love
2. Marriage
3. Domestic Quarrel
4. Education
5. Business
6. Job
7. Extra Marital Affairs
Mr Govinnda Kishoore Ray and our team directly involved into making of Magic Wallet..

How is Making Magic Wallet?
1. It's an Aluminum and Waterproof Devine Wallet.
2. it is making according to Individual's NAME-Numerologically analysis Individual's Name Number, 1st Letter ,Alphabet, Last Letter etc and find out Your Best Lucky Color and Beneficial God for Your Magic Wallet (Your Best Beneficial God/Devta Picture and Mata Laxmi & Siddhidata Ganesh Picture Paste on Wallet), Specific Problem wise Your Beneficial Remedies (Upay).
3. Your Magic Wallet with Mata Laxmi & Siddhidata Ganesh Coin Puja and Siddhi from DHANESWARI TEMPLE in your NAME in specific DATE and TIME.
4. Pack up and Courier to Your Address.

What You get along with Magic Wallet?
1. Aluminum and Waterproof Devine Lucky Wallet with your Beneficial Devta/God Picture.
2. Specific Problem wise Your Beneficial Remedies (Upay) with complete guideline.
3. Mata Laxmi & Siddhidata Ganesh Coin.